Woman Wizards Page 2

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Woman Wizardz, In Progress

Woman Wizards is a story about a group of women wizards called “Woman Wizardz” who all love cookies and wear hats. They are a nonsensical group who follow their own rules and hold the last know secrets behind their wizardy ways (because they just made everything up.)


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I Can’t- 2017

Daily comics made in November of 2017. Focused on my daily life, mental health, and funny memories.

sewer cAt1

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Sewer Cats- 2017

A comic for Inktober 2017. About cute cats that live in the sewers and collects treasure! Released a panel a day during October.


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Post-Itz- 2016

Post- Itz is a short slice-of-life zine about art and magic! It recounts some things that have happened in my life, but with a magical and cartoon twist. It was done with sticky notes! Duh!


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They- 2015

They is a silent adventure comic about a character discovering more than they had ever hoped to!  The story is up to interpretation by the viewer and  is left ambiguous as to allow the reader to define the meaning for themselves.

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