Teaching Art


Teaching art for me is about aiding students in any imaginative projects they would like to pursue! I run a choice-based and self-directed art classroom. It is important for students to develop their own style and voice in art. I teach students about digital art, animation, 3d sculpture, clay sculpture, 2d drawing, professions in art, and much more. Then, I help them to use those skills to explore and express themselves in their own unique ways.


I received my Honors BFA in Art Education in 2016. I received high scores on my PLC and Art Praxis exams.  I hold a valid teaching license in the United States.

Work Experience:

I did my student teaching in both an elementary and high school. I taught PK-5th grade at an elementary school for two years. I worked at a middle and a high school this past year. Right now, I work as an art gallery manager for a non-profit and provide creative programming to my local community. I am currently on my third year as a licensed teacher! It has been a great year so far!

Art Project Photos:

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